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Pines Art House

This mid-century kit house is located in the Eastern end of Fire Island Pines, hidden away from sight behind a row of trees. Originally renovated in the 1990s by Ashkar & Paul, the home’s new owner asked us to reimagine the space to accommodate a contemporary, simple beachfront lifestyle that can be enjoyed year-long. Our design introduced a new light-colored low kitchen and a relocated fireplace that is set against a cedar-paneled wall, taking hints from Horace Gifford’s modernist houses built around the Pines. Today, it functions both as a house and an art studio during the summer months.

The project was featured on T, The New York Times Style Magazine in August 2023, in a story by Evan Moffitt.

Noam Dvir, Daniel Rauchwerger
Fire Island Pines, NY
Chris Mottalini