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PatBo’s new office and showroom in New York City’s Flatiron District serves as the Brazilian fashion brand’s new global headquarters.

The 7000 square-foot loft encompasses the entire seventh floor of a historic building in Flatiron District. It houses two showrooms, an open office area, private offices and meeting rooms, and additional hospitality spaces. In addition to its internal work, PatBo uses the spaces for casting, buying, creative, and influencer appointments.

Throughout the renovation, BoND’s aim was to maintain the space’s open industrial character, yet soften it and merge it with PatBo’s feminine and romantic brand expression. After re-dividing the space, BoND introduced large glass partitions instead of solid walls to maintain natural light levels and a feeling of openness and transparency. Additional space dividers were constructed out of scaffolding components, which were painted pink and paired with oak wood and brass elements. PatBo’s vibrant garments, on view around the showroom, are paired with large indoor potted plants throughout, injecting a sense of Brazilian vitality.

Noam Dvir, Daniel Rauchwerger, Liza Tedeschi
Flatiron District, New York City
Blaine Davis
Juliana Vasconcellos, Knoll, Misc Vintage, custom furniture built by Archlink