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Hamptons Arched House

One of BOND’s first projects, this was a complete interior redesign of a historic cottage in the center of East Hampton Village. We worked on injecting a contemporary geometry and material palette into the existing envelope.

The project’s primary goal was to improve the flow between the home’s “public” spaces, to better fit with hosting – while enhancing the indoor / outdoor relationship. Through a completely new layout, we kept the reading of separate rooms, so as not to lose sense of the house’s history. We introduced an architectural wall that runs across the length of the ground floor, with a series of arched openings leading to supporting programs. The arches reoccur throughout the house, and are used in plan and section.

As part of the project’s interior design, we designed a pottery set in collaboration with Studio Davka, pieces of which are still available to order online.

The project was designed in collaboration with ATTN ATTN.

Noam Dvir, Daniel Rauchwerger, Egbert Miles Chu / ATTN ATTN
East Hampton Village, NY
Chris Mottalini