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Antifurniture Exhibition

ANTIFURNITURE is a series of performative sculptures, exhibited in London Design Museum in fall 2023. These objects invite visitor engagement and participation but subvert the conventional uses of furniture and challenge our understanding of comfort.
Created by performance artist Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich and designed in collaboration with BoND, the objects are meant to transform into sculptures by visitor interaction. Here, Pavlov-Andreevich replaces his own body with that of the visitor as he invites us to become part of the performance.
As you temporarily inhabit these sculptures by sitting, climbing, dangling, rocking, and lying, you are invited to reflect upon and confront your fears. Each sculpture represents one or more phobias, and through physical discomfort and purposeful endurance, we are forced to face our fears and challenged to overcome them.

Daniel Rauchwerger, Eric Chyou
The Design Museum, London, UK
Ruy Teixeira
Oficina Sao Joao