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11th Street Attic

A fifth-floor walk-up apartment in Greenwich Village, this tiny one-bedroom apartment truly fell apart after being neglected for decades. It was endearing in its dilapidated state, but sadly not livable. While having to renovate the space, an important goal was to keep the apartment’s historic feel – an almost Parisian attic-space that brought to mind an image of an artist loft. With a 22-foot tall skylight but a long and narrow shape, the new layout of the apartment needed to be innovative and efficient. A central design move took down the walls between the main living space and the rest of the apartment. Instead, the space was opened up and a new bedroom introduced inside a new wooden box. Planned in collaboration with and executed by Lesser Miracle, the bedroom is a warm cocoon that contains a bed and storage elements. The living room, left as open as possible, is a contemplative space where one can lay down and look up at the skylight above. The original floors and moldings were sanded and stained, while newer, more contemporary materials introduced in the kitchen and the shower.
First published in Great Rooms in New York Magazine, From a Decaying Bohemian Skylit Garret to a Modern Home.
This project won the Best Residential Project award in NYC X DESIGN 2023.

Noam Dvir, Daniel Rauchwerger, Massimiliano Malago
Greenwich Village, New York City
Chris Mottalini
BOND, Lesser Miracle, Misc Vintage